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Posted by Paul Jones

We offer Live Chat on every page of our site. If we are not there to chat with you about your concerns we encourage you to leave a message and we will get back to you, when you email us. What does Chat do? Our customers will have the answers they need quickly. This means a happy customer who will continue to buy from us. Our customers will also quickly have the answers they need to place their order with us. Live Chat saves time and reduce the number of phone interactions, thus giving our valuable time back to us, without the sacrifice of customer service. 

Information is sent flawlessly to customers via text. It is much quicker and more accurate to copy the information than to try to talk it over the phone line while the customer copies it. 

A chat operator can direct customers to information on your website, answer questions, and can complete the sale. They can provide information that may not be on your website as well.

The main purpose of Jobs Galore is for employer and employee solutions.

Our Website and Joomla templates are up to date, and our site is secured from hackers and are virus free. Our e-commerce with PayPal is totally secured to receive payment. 


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