What Job Seekers ARE saying:

I am looking for someone to give me a good deal to provide training on how to complete a resume that looks professional so I can have the confidence to apply for a job and become successful. TJ

There are many different resumes on the market today but if I select a short one in preference to a longer one I might not get hired. Bob

I have been looking for work for about a year and instead of sending in a written resume I have decided to type it out to ensure that the employer can read it and not chuck it into the garbage. Ron


What businesses are saying about Jobs Galore:

Before attempting to run my business I took a survey and did many hours of field work. Most of the clients encouraged me to do my homework and research. I took their word and soon I will be online with hopes of a booming business. PJ

I was pleased to learn that most of my clients relate to my past experience in agriculture, engineering and trades. They know that I will provide the best service available to them, and refer others to Jobs Galore. Farms Unlimited