Jobs Galore, has been founded by Paul Jones, on January 1, 2016. My position with the company is General Manager. I have worked in the engineering field for the past 50 years and have achieved the highest level of Power Engineer 1st Class. 

We have been offering reliable temporary and permanent and clerical recruitments to many employers in need of additional staffing as a vital part of their day to day operations. Our staff has a vast knowledge of various industrial and professional groups committed to provide recruitment and human resource solutions for our employers and job seekers.  Our goal to provide Job Posts to our employers on our site for quicker results. 

Our mission is to abide by the rules and regulations set out by the province of Alberta Employment Agency and uphold the Fair Trading Act.  Jobs Galore, core values stem from ethics and integrity. Our goal is to continue to provide service that goes an extra mile in recruitment and staffing. We provide a reputation of competency and professionalism. 

Our Jobs by Categories, outline various categories to connect employers to the right Jobs Seekers for the right job allowing faster with better business results.  Our focus on building strong, collaborative partnerships ensures success to efficiently deliver the best potential in human growth.