How can I increase my chances of obtaining a position?

Applicants with updated resume, strong interview skills, and a solid history that matches our employers’ needs have a greater chance of being considered for a job. Keep in regular contact and inform us of any changes in your employment situation.

How can I stay informed about open positions?

Most of the positions will be posted online. Visit the link to the database on our website.

I never used an employment agency before. What are the benefits?

At Jobs Galore, we partner with numerous companies throughout Alberta. Employers are referred to our site and their jobs are posted, for job seekers to browse through our database. The job seeker’s resume and qualifications are electronically filed in our database so if a job becomes available, the employer is able to see the job seeker’s resume with a simple click.

If I have registered with Jobs Galore before and want to re-register, what should I do?

Please call or email our office to explain that you want to re-activate your resume or you can re-apply for the same job.

What do I pay for your services? How much does it cost to register?

There is no cost to you, our services are provided FREE of charge to all job seekers. Employers hire us to refer you to our database. 

What documents should I bring with me to the interview?

You can bring to potential employers a hard copy of your application, trade tickets, a portfolio with examples of your work, credentials, letters of recommendation and references. It is important to dress appropriately for the interview.

What does Jobs Galore do?

Jobs Galore recruit and staff jobs for employers.

What does short-listing involve?

This may involve an interview, skills testing, and reference checks. The process may take up to 2 hours.

What is involved in the registration process? How do I register?

Our registration process is quick and easy and completed through a link online. Refer to e-commerce and click on Job Seekers Resume. Once payment is received by PayPal or credit card a blank resume will be released. Once you complete it post it with the desired employer for the position applied for; if you are successful the employer will contact you directly.

What kind of jobs do you offer?

We advertise for qualified employers in all types of professions and industries. This generally includes industrial, technical, administrative, sales, tradesmen and professional positions on a temporary or permanent basis. Our main target is employers located in the entire province of Alberta.

When I apply, does Jobs Galore guarantee me with a job?

No, once you apply for a job from our database, the employer will review your application and contact you directly. We can only help you to complete the resume, and charge you a nominal fee, for each resume.

Who does Jobs Galore work with?

We work with employers and job seekers.

Will I hear from Jobs Galore after registration?

No, unfortunately we are unable to. The employers will contact you directly if you are successful.

Will I hear from Jobs Galore after submitting my job application?

No, the employer will contact you if your name is on the short-listed for a position will be contacted.